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Events 2004-2016

JULY 2016
cici’s POP UP Garden Sculpture Show
Bartlett Arboretum & Gardens, 151 Brookdale Road, Stamford, CT 06903

Hypertufa garden sculptures by cici artist

Hypertufa garden sculptures by cici artist


Robin Pastore interviewed cici artist – May 2016 – 10 min.

WGCH Radio Interview with Robin Pastore

WGCH Radio Interview with Robin Pastore

2015 (more) Animated Art Shorts by cici artist screened at

MOVE: An Exhibition of Artist Fellowship Recipients

DECD Gallery Hartford, CT

DECD Gallery Hartford, CT

August 6 – November 6, 2015
The Gallery at Constitution Plaza
One Constitution Plaza, 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

December 2015: cici artist’s Circuit Board Christmas Tree Project
Hand buildt tree made with circuit boards with video on mp3players & original ornaments
S Magazine – The Stamford Advocate article by Christina Hennessy
It looks like a tree… but it’s made of circuit boards!

circuit board Mp4 player christmas tree

circuit board Mp4 player christmas tree

cici artist's handmade computer-parts Christmas Tree

cici artist’s handmade computer-parts Christmas Tree


2016 Music Animation of “A Cup of Coffee”
Animation by cici for Linda Allen’s music & lyrics.
Performed by Linda Allen.


2,016 four inch Squares
circuit board art works – 3in & 4in squares.. yes 2,106 of them!

header Page Image

4 in square paintings by cici artist


Faces on motherboards:
cici’s W3 Gallery a  New Online Video Art Gallery
1 minute – shoe box – virtual art shows (on YouTube)
Summer Series: 5 new art show videos
Spring Series: Black & White Figures, Blue Faces #1 and Inside Out


What’s Up Stamford
6 Mural Paintings
Installation on St John’s Towers – Six pieces on both Tresser Blvd and Bell Street, Stamford, CT

Tresser Blvd Windows – paintings – 6 ft high x 14 ft wide each.&

Here’s cici’s work in progress for St John’s project video:

Moving Pictures animated films by CICI ARTIST
First screened on
April 7th 2013
Avon Theatre FIlm Center
Stamford, CT

cici artist Moving Pictures at the Avon Theatre Film Center, Stamford, CT

cici artist Moving Pictures POSTER at the Avon Theatre Film Center, Stamford, CT

Sponsored in part by
2012 Artist Fellowship Grant
from the Connecticut Department of
Economic and Community Development’s
Office of the Arts

DECD Connecticut Office of the Arts LOGO

DECD Connecticut Office of the Arts LOGO

Screening at the Avon (Stamford, CT)

45 minutes of short films,
including the poetic animation
short art film
“Spreading Mom”

#smART … digitally speaking
(group art show)
Opening: June 14th 2013 6-9pm
(You can see my new iPhone5 video “In the Beginning” and prints on styrene!)

Old Town Hall Museum
175 Atlantic Street
Stamford, CT
“In the Beginning”
music by Mick Leonard & Linda Allen for DBU Productions (

YouTube art video: DEMODULATION

DEMODULATION uses text and images with permission from a book from the Reanimation Library (Brooklyn) as the basis for both video and musical score.
The music was generated based on a computer program CICI ARTIST created that maps text from the book to music.
The project was inspired from the Franklin Street Works (Stamford, CT) gallery’s April 2013 show entitled “Strange Invitations.”

1st cici artist Kickstarter Event
Exceeded goal in November 2012!
To learn more click here

Florence - Kick Starter Image

Florence – Kick Starter Image

cici artist (the movie)

cici Artist Poster for Big Apple Film Festival

cici Artist Poster for Big Apple Film Festival

Selected & Screened by The 7th Big Apple Film Festival 2010!
Tribeca Cinemas, New York City

The Big Apple Film Festival named one of MovieMaker Magazine’s “25 Coolest Film Festivals”
CICI ARTIST is a short animated
art murder mystery with a twist.
A masked woman is mysteriously found floating in the ocean. A detective is called to the scene to discover her identity. What better way to uncover her mysterious truth than to follow the art trail.
View the IMdb Movie Trailer

Summer 2012
cici artist’s solo show
3 (BIG) Pieces
new media & huge canvases
(6 ft x 45 ft and 4.5 ft x 40 ft)
August 5th – 19th
Opening: Sunday, August 5th 3-5pm
Loft Artists Association Gallery
845 Canal St
Stamford, CT
work in progress videos:

My short
“A Varini Takes Flight” by cici artist
was selected and screened Sites, Camera, Action – Shorts Film Festival May 15th 2011.

Whitney Humanities Center (Yale University), 53 Wall Street, New Haven, CT
All films relate to the outdoor painting by Swiss artist, Felice Varini… “Square with four  Circles”

My Hurricane Irene Book video
Summer ’11 nervousness – during Hurricane Irene – I drew faces in a book…
Here’s the video of the pages from the book YouTube:

’12 Blue Skies Group Show at UCONN , Stamford, CT (June 2012 ) Mixed media”The Blue Violinist – acrylic on canvas.
Violinist Blues
’12 Transformations Group Show at LAAGallery , Stamford, CT (February 2012 ) Mixed media works – Music Stand and Curtain made from shredded junk mail.
’11 Musician Series – Notation 1 – Allegro Pianos, 205 West 58th St, New York, NY 10019. 11 works on canvas (March 20122 – March 2012) SOLO 11 works on canvas.
cici at Allegro Pianos 205 W 58th St, NYC
’11 Musicians 2011 – online show  FIX FIX FIX CLICK HERE and also at LAA Open Studios, Stamford, CT (November 2011)watercolor and paper.
’10 Big, Bigger, Biggest group show – LAA members Gallery, Stamford, CT (May – June 2010) acrylic painting 60 ft x 6 ft “The Big Cats Orchestra“.

’10 Draw On II, group show- LAA members gallery, Stamford, CT 9/09 (March – April 2010) 2 drawings.
’10 Print What? – group show – LAA members Gallery, Stamford, CT (February – March 2010) monoprints.

’09 -’10 Loft Artist Association at Allegro – group show – LAA members at Alegro Piano, Stamford, CT

’09 Faraway Places and Spaces, LAA members gallery, Stamford, CT 6/09 Group/Digital Images
’09 Drawings in Black and White,
LAA members gallery, Stamford, CT 3/09Group/Drawing
’08 cici artist’s Faces & Facades, 40 works – Mayor’s Gallery, Stamford, CT (September-October 2008) (Solo Show)/Metal, canvas & paper
’08 cici artist’s People & Their Pets
.Park Square West Lobby Gallery, Stamford, CT (June-November 2008) (Solo Show)/Works on paper& on canvas
’08 Music and Masks
Stamford Center for the Arts, Palace Theatre. Stamford, CT (May-August 2008) (Solo Show)/Copper, Aluminum, Oil on canvas
’08 Nutmeg and Spice
Stamford Center for the Arts, Rich Forum through Picture That, LLC. Stamford, CT Group/Oil on Aluminum, Watercolor & Oil on canvas
’08 Great Dames
LAA members gallery, Stamford, CT (March 2008) (Group show)/Works on Paper
’07 People and Their Pets art from the book,
Meritage Restaurant, Scarsdale, NY (September – October 2007) (Solo show)/Works on Paper
’07 Face to Face
Secrets Fine Arts Gallery, Hasting-on Hudson, NY (September – October 2007) (2 women show)/Copper & Bronze Masks
’07 Nutmeg and Spice
Stamford Center for the Arts, Rich Forum through Picture That, LLC. Stamford, CT/Copper Masks
‘06 ArtSpace New Haven – Alternative Space, New Haven, CT/Copper & Bronze Masks

’06 Woman’s Month
corporate gallery show through Picture That LLC. Stamford, CT/Women/Faces on Canvas
’04-06 ArtOMat
Commissioned works- throughout the USA/Faces on painted wood blocks
’05 ArtSpace New Haven
Alternative Space, New Haven, CT/Metal Masks & Giclee Faces
’05 Woman’s Month
corporate gallery show through Picture That, LLC. Stamford, CT/Woman Faces on Canvas
’05 Concours, (by invitation)
Art Students League, NYC/Sketch book and metal mask
’04 cici’s Lakeside Ceramic Masks on Tour in Print
Lakeside Pottery, Stamford, CT (Solo show)/Giclees.
’04 “Artist of the Month
Labriola Gallery, Stamford, CT/Mounted Ceramic Masks
’04 Silvermine School of Art 14th Annual Juried Student Show
, New Canaan CT /Sculpture
’95 Silvermine School of Art 5th Annual Juried Student Show
, New Canaan CT /Ceiling-hung Mixed Media
’91 Newport Art Festival, Newport, RI
/Oil Paint on Computer Graphics
’91 21st Annual All Connecticut Artists,
Stamford Museum, Stamford, CT /Mixed Media Canvas