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cici’s W3 Gallery – Video art Shows:

w3 Gallery Shows

w3 Gallery Shows

The Spiritual Sudokus:

Spiritual Sudoku Board

Spiritual Sudoku Board

Mascera Metalica – Metal Mask


Copper Mask – cut copper mounted on copper tubing.

Put A Little Love In Your Art:

Cynthia and Her Cat

Cynthia and Her Cat

Series of faces Online shows:

cici's Musician 036

cici’s Musician 036

Small Spaces 2010

Small Spaces #1

Small Spaces #1

cici’s Daily Flip Videos

Daily Flip Videos

Daily Flip Videos


The Diminutive Nudes

Book : Diminutive Nudes - small figure drawings by cici artist

Book : Diminutive Nudes – small figure drawings by cici artist

People and Their Pets – from the book

Book: People and Their Pets

Book: People and Their Pets

Love In the Wild – the book

Love in the Wild by cici artist

Love in the Wild by cici artist


2004 Exhibition (1st cici online show)