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9 original 20 inch squares, watercolor and ink, plus photographs of the Spiritual Sudoku board. art works by cici artist.
The 9 Spiritual Sudokus :

One: Yin Yang Unity
Two: Balance
Three: 3 Keys of Health, Wealth & Happiness
Four: Clovers of Spiritual Luck
Five: Five Fingers of Protection from the Evil Eye
Six: Horseshoe with 6 Dots of Good Fortune
Seven: Lucky Spirit
Eight: Spokes on the Wheel of Transformation
Nine: The nine pointed Star

Images of the 20 inch squares:

Each piece in the series depicts a woman’s face with an earring. Each earring is actually a number eg 1,2,3…9. Within their hair lies a spiritual symbol that I (somehow) associate with each number.
Eighty-one 2-inch square giclee prints were made from the 9 originals. These mini prints were mounted on 81 boxes to create the 3-D Spiritual Sudoku board pieces.

Here’s a video and images of the project:

The Sudoku Boxes and Game board: