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Through the years from 2004 to 2016 there were many Online shows themed on Faces exhibiting cici’s watercolor & smudge drawing, paintings on canvas, ceramic and metal works.

Here are a sampling images from four such online shows:

The Musician Women Faces: 6-inch and 12-inch squares – mixed media on watercolor paper.Ink Smudge, Wax Watercolor and Musical Scores. small works on 140 lb watercolor paper.  summer 2011

6-inch squares:


12 inch squares:


2013 Valentines (some faces of men!):
cici artist – Cats on Heads for Valentine’s Day:

The Fruit Ladies (from the Book):

In May 2007, I spent the a few months painting the walls of my house, dumping 21 years of collected stuff that I have rarely (if ever used) and generally cleaning house in preparation to sell our house (we didn’t sell it. too bad!). At that time.. somewhat exhausted.. I felt like a vegetable.. or maybe a fruit.

Here’s my series from that era.. which has been published in book form which inspired a poem written by Brenda Tucci:


The 7 Lucky Ladies Show: featuring…  Actoria, Successahra, Paintera, Musicana, Mothera, Doctoranna and Corporata

Here in the USA, the month of March is National Women’s History Month and it holds St. Patrick’s Day too! My art exhibit for March 2006 celebrated these two special events with seven new original watercolor and ink works on paper. Each woman depicted represents a character that has attained success through her determination and … with a little bit of luck…