2004 exhibition

2004 exhibition – the first cici artist online show

buy oral Pregabalin Grids: Masks: I went to a Halloween party in the fall of 2004. I have been obsessed with creating masks ever since. Here are some masks in ceramic & aluminum from 2004:

can you buy Pregabalin over the counter in mexico Recycling … to take discarded objects and give them new meaning.
(One special thanks to Silvermine’s instructor Claire Garcia for her mid 90’s course Off the Wall.)

Sports Series

Sundance Series

A trip to the Sundance Resort in the mountain town of Provo, Utah renewed my art life. I brought with me some paint, glue and 5X7 boards. They presented me with pottery, watercolors and photography classes. The people, the evening events, the trees, the mountains, the spa, the walk ways were in their totality… simply inspirational!

Altars of the Spirit … designed for meditation with the light from a candle. These Altars represent a place to peacefully focus with light and without the chaos of the everyday events which often muddle our inner beings. The Altars are not connected to any organized religion. They are connected only to the simple spirit that lies within.

Plate Altar (Focusing on a goal or thought through the placement of an object on the plate while lighting three candles. This altar was created during a visit to the Sundance Resort in Provo, Utah).
Trivet Altar (Focusing on the inner simplicity of the earth through the lighting of three candles and the placement of a rock. This trivet was created at Sundance. The rock was found on Long Island).
Green Altar (Focusing on a pot of gold, a nest egg, and paths to reaching these goals).

Statue of Liberty Series: My all time favorite symbol of freedom. All the photos in these works were taken on a day trip, with my mother and my son, to the Statue of Liberty (SOL) and Ellis Island. Images are of: poster, SOL collage behind plexiglass, SOL shadow box and SOL: bubble wrap, photo, acrylic on corrugated cardboard under plexiglass.

Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden – view I – Copper work in foreground with hanging yellow grid in background.

Spiral I – Metal flashing placed as a spiral in the back yard.
Spiral II.
In Winter.

Copper Works


Older Works

Posters – Monatge (20″ x30″), Lightly Entropic Grid (22″ X 28″),  Statue of Liberty Series
(22″ X 28″), Recycled – 4 images (22″ X 28″)