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cici’s Daily Flips
77 consecutive days creating a short (30 seconds) video with my Flip Video camera. Fall 2009

Top 10 Videos in the series

Daily Flip Videos

Daily Flip Videos

click titles to see the YouTube video
Corner Flag – 77
Getting Ready for the Holidays – 76
Garage Park & Paint – 75
Pulling It All Together – string dance – 74

ciciartist on YouTube
My Couch and Me – 73
Basic Bounce – Original 72
Lipstick Painting – 71
Salt Painting – 70

Apple Breakout – 69
68 – 2 Cats 2 Friends
Cat in Her Hair – 67
Lady Lemon – 66
Data Atered Mask in Venice – 65
On the way to the Movies
Evergreen Flutes – 63
Sax & Purse on the Road – 61
Three Strings (in autumn) – 61
Copper Mask Introspection – 60
Moving Masks against Light Blue – 59
Masks by the Sea – 58
Twilight Mask – 57
Railing – 56
Painting Process – 55
Openings – 54
High Ridge Road – 53
Four – 52
Mounted Ceramic Mask – 51
photos boat & flowers – 50
Street Arrows – 49
Old Studio Door Tribute – 48
Drive Sky – Movement 47
Dance M – 46
Dream Flip – 45
Mask Walk – 44
Mask to Musician – 43
Sudoku Board 3D – 42
Love Wires – 41
Three Jesters – 40
Passing Masks – 39
Sports – Baseball – 38
Mask – 37
Tree Top Pizza – 36
Popcorn, Muffin Tin & Chihuahua Lady – 35
Florida Wall Painting with Bird – 34
French Horn Handbag – 33
Flute Purse – 32

he Violinist – 31
Night at the Red Light – – 30
Pan Face – Movement 29
Trumpet Player Painting – 28
Buddha & my Bronze Facades – 27
Strange – 26
Eggshell – 25
3 Doors – 24
23 – from the book “People and Their Pets” by CICI ARTIST
22 – from the book “Love in the Wild” by CICI ARTIST
Fountain – 21
Color Smudge Painting – 20
View from Car – 19
My Red Steel Mask – 18
Grocery Cart (wheel) – 17
Shoes On – 16
Unpacked – 15
Ceramic Figure – 14
Painting Corner – 13
Painting Steps – 12
Quick Draw Book Flip – 11
My Masks Moved – 10
Wash – 9
Unraveling – 8
Dusting – 7
Mail – 6
Kitchen Plastics – 5
Another Kitchen Metal – 4
Kitchen Metal – 3
2 – escalator
I – Sunflower Seeds