Figueras In the fall of 2015, CICI ARTIST was invited to create a Christmas Tree by the Stamford Advocate.

cici artist's handmade computer-parts Christmas Tree

order Lyrica cici artist’s handmade computer-parts Christmas Tree

For her tree, CICI used computer motherboards & circuit boards held together with fishing line. (see article).  You’ll notice each ornament is a small painting of the detail of an angel’s dace and the shoulder edge of her wing. Originals are watercolor on 3-inch canvas panel squares and 2-inch paper squares. the originals were photographed and images printed and mounted on various papers to create the ornament. In addition three of the angel painting were the basis for animations that are continually looped on three littlered  m4 players also mounted as ornaments in the tree. Chistina Hennessy’s article about the tree appeared in the Sunday Magazine, Stamford Advocate Dec 14, 2015. Read it here.

circuit boards for tree sdtrucute  & Mp4 players with angels videos: cici’s Christmas tree:

Here’s a sampling of the angels: