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Murals up to 60 feet wide – acrylic on canvas! See them below as well as video of the works: The Big Cats Orchestra 60 ft x 6 ft!). The Symphony (45 ft x 6 ft high ), What’s Up Stamford (6 panels – each panel 13 to 18 feet wide by 6 feet high), the Audience (42 ft wide by 4 ft high)

Big Cats Orchestra – acrylic on canvas 60 ft wide x 6 ft  high


Big Cats Orchestra - 60 ft wide x 6 ft high

Big Cats Orchestra – 60 ft wide x 6 ft high

What’s Up Stamford – 6 panels – ranging from 13 to 18  ft wide x (all) 6 ft high

3 Big Pieces SHOW
2 canvases – The Audience 40 ft x 4 ft and  Symphony42 ft x 6 ft

WIPs ( Works In Progress) videos